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Monthly IB Contest

This is a great opportunity for you to join the battle, compete against the best XFlow Traders in the world, and show off your trading skills.

refer at least 3 clients

Starts On Oct, 07th

Min deposit $1000 Each

Prizes for Winners


Dubai Trip Package


Smart TV

Smart Watch

Wireless Speaker


Join Monthly IB Contest

How to Participate

Earn upto $10 rebates per lot

Register to become an IB Champion!

$ 1000

It is real money. Read before you start!

Terms and Conditions

1. After making a deposit, a certain amount of lots needs to be traded by your clients.

2. Please refer below for the lot requirements for the various brackets.



USD 2,500 to USD 4,999

10 lots

USD 5,000 to USD 9,999

15 lots

USD 10,000 to USD 14,999

25 lots

USD 15,000 to USD 19,999

40 lots

USD 20,000 to USD 29,999

50 lots

USD 30,000 to USD 44,999

65 lots

USD 45,000 to USD 59,999

80 lots

The lots amount needs to be traded in the period 7th October 2021 – 7th November 2021.

1) Deposits must not be withdrawn until 31st December 2021.
2) The contest period starts from 7th October 2021 and ends on 7th November 2021.
3) The deposits made before 7th of October 2021 or after 7th November 2021 will not be
accounted for as part of the contest.
4) The contest is open to all the old as well as the new IP’s of XFlow Markets
5) The condition 1 and 2 will be counted & the results will be declared 31st December 2021.
6) If there are any withdrawals (even one) before 31st December 2021, the account will be
disqualified as part of the contest.

The decision made by XFlow Markets on all aspects of the contest will be final and unchanged.

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