Privacy Policy

XFlow Markets restricts access of your data to only those employees or partners that require the information to carry out your request for products or services. XFlow Markets has procedures regarding safeguarding and using nonpublic personal information.

We only share your information with people who are actively involved in delivering our set services to you: advisers who provide XFlow Markets with administrative, financial, researcher aid. It depends upon the product or service and the prevised restrictions laid down on sensitive information. The Company may also share this information with referring parties and introducing partners with whom XFlow Markets has a relationship with. Furthermore, we may also have to grant access to your information to courts, tribunals, and regulatory authorities as agreed or authorized by the law.

While XFlow Markets will try to safeguard your data, clients must acknowledge that the use of the internet is not exclusively secure. Therefore XFlow Markets does not promise the security or integrity of any personal data transferred from you or to you via the internet.

XFlow Markets will periodically delete the data you feed in as we do not keep it for a more extended period than required. In some instances, it is obligatory to be store personal information for a considerable period. Retention time will be calculated based upon the type of personal data collected and the cause for which it is stored, keeping in mind the requirements applicable to the situation and the need to delete outdated, unused data at the earliest.

XFlow Markets may update this Privacy Policy at regular intervals. Whenever XFlow Markets changes the Privacy Policy, the revised Privacy Policy will be posted to the website, and the XFlow Markets team will notify clients about any such changes. However, XFlow Markets recommends that you periodically check and review this policy page to always be at par with the information and how it is collected, how we use it, and to whom it is disclosed.