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Indices Trading

Several stocks grouped into a single tradable unit is called an index. Indices Trading is where traders try to profit from the movements of any global index. These movements generally occur due to the heightened sensitivity of the financial market. The dips and rises in the indices are a result of the volatility of the markets.

How does the Indices trading work?

Like the Commodities Market, Indices Trading with XFlow Markets has a wide range of perks like nominal contract price and low margins, a little distinct from the Forex Market. You will get a clear idea of the various Indices available to trade with XFlow Markets through the contract specific table of indices.

XFlow Markets also provides an OTC (Over-the-Counter) platform for trading in all major indices. The beneficial leverage also helps you in improving your trading styles and daily trading profit.


Why Trade Indices?

As XFlow Markets’ clients, you can trade in some of the world’s most promising indices like DE30 and NYSE.

Additionally, XFlow Markets also lets you trade on major global indices such as NASDAQ, the Dow Jones 30, the Nifty50, and others through this trading platform.

Benefits of INDICES Trading

  • Diversification

    Trading in Indices helps you safeguard your portfolio. They have very fewer investment risks as there is established security of a particular company.

  • Leverage

    Leverage or exposure is one of the most important aspects to consider while trading in any financial market. XFlow Markets can offer you the highest leverage in the whole industry- Up to 1:1000! Our initial leverage starts with 1:400, which in itself is higher than what most brokers provide in the market. You will have an exposure of a minimum $400 per every $1 in your account; and up to $1000 per every $1.

  • No third party involvement

    There is no third party involvement, as all trading transactions here are paperless and electronic.

  • Liquidity

    You will receive a fair price for your trade with ample volume.

  • Zero Commissions

    All transactions with XFlow Markets are transparent. There is Zero government fees, zero clearing fees.

Why trade Indices via XFlow Markets?

Whether it is the European Markets or the US Market, all are highly sensitive in nature. All the major markets of the globe are highly susceptible to troughs and peaks. The dynamic global events make predicting the movements of these indices exceedingly tedious.

But here at XFlow Markets, our expert team of technical and fundamental analysts combined with our trailblazing algorithms ensure that you receive everything you need! We make sure that you get the perfect strategy, customized for your needs and requirements, to help you attain your trading goals faster.

Below are the list of benefits you will receive when you start trading with XFlow Markets.

  • Trade on over 24 major indices
  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • No re-quotes
  • Spreads from zero pips
  • Deep liquidity
  • Guaranteed stop loss, free of charge
  • Ultra-fast execution speed
  • Range of trading platforms with XFlow Markets (XFlow, xMobile, xTab, MT4, MT4 Mobile and XAPI permits traders to transact/ operate from anywhere on any mobile device of their choosing)

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Indices Trading FAQs

  • What is Bear and Bull market?

    The market can be called “Bearish” when the expectations and prices are low. This is the right time to invest in the stocks as the value is the lowest that time. When the market is termed to be “Bullish”, there is an upward trend in stock prices and it is also referred to as the “happy” market.

  • What are 'global indices'?

    Given here are the major global INDICES •FTSE •S&P GLOBAL – 100 •DOW JONES INDEX •GERMAN DAX• NIKKEI

  • Why are indices important?

    The recent few years have proved that Indices have come to the forefront of the market due to their straight applications in finance in the form of spot, futures and options. The trading in Indices is required when an Index reflects the up to date information of both micro and macro-economics. To summarize, Indices work as a benchmark to calculate the routine of fund managers.

  • What is margin?

    Margin is a good assurance of deposit put up by the trader for security to clamp open a position. Eventually, margin is confused as a fee to a trader which is actually not. It is just a portion of your account equity set aside and allotted as a margin guarantee.

  • What is leverage?

    Leverage is the exposure you receive on each of the money in your account. For e.g. we at KSP Markets offer a leverage of 1:400 which means for every $1 dollar in your account, you can trade it $400 times.

  • What is a Lot?

    In terms of the financial market, a lot is the standard size of a financial instrument as prescribed by the regulatory body or exchange. In general, any services or goods making up transaction is called a lot.

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