Website Disclaimer

Website Disclaimer

The information given on this website is for information purposes only. We recommend taking additional references and inquiries before coming to any trading related decision. It is agreed upon that all actions you take in this field are based upon your own judgement and/or expert advice and XFlow Markets is in no way responsible for any of your choices.

All data given on this website is well-researched from various credible sources; however, they are subject to change periodically. Therefore we do not commit to one hundred percent accuracy of any information given on the website. Neither do we vouch for the certainty of any data presented on any third-party website related to this field.

While using the website, the user may be subjected to the risk of errors (statistical or low standard demands), since most of the information provided on the site are dynamic or time-bound.

Also, the website has been translated into various languages apart from English for user’s comfort, in case of any disagreements among English and other language versions, the English version will be considered.

Copyright Notice

XFlow Markets exclusively owns all content here, and any unlawful imitation is strictly prohibited. Additionally, any illegal usage of trade names, trademarks, and logos are banned. Along with this, spreading/copying the content on this page onto any other website or any other mechanical system is not permitted.

Privacy policy

The access to information from the website is limited to only the staff of XFlow Markets, for catering to the clients’ request. XFlow Markets has definitive procedures regarding the utilization of individuals’ information.

This personal data will be made available only to service suppliers and professional advisers who are associated and involved in the XFlow Markets scheme of administration, finance, researches like parties’ references, or partners.

Despite safeguarding all your personal information, XFlow Markets is in not responsible for your internet searches. The website disclaimer and privacy policy is updated periodically, and the revised content will be prompted on your home page. Hence, it is considered as your agreement to our updated or revised content changes.

Furthermore, please visit our privacy policy page frequently so that you are aware of what information is gathered, how XFlow Markets uses it, and with whom it is shared. Clients are expected to read the privacy policy from time to time to ensure that you are up-to-date with our privacy policy.

Above all, XFlow Markets is not responsible for any investment loss occurred by the information displayed on this website. All trading strategies opted by the Client with XFlow Markets are their own investment decisions and have been based upon their judgments.